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书籍名称Adobe Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less
书籍大小7.13 MB
整理时间2005-12-24 10:33:52
书籍作者Micah Laaker and Christopher Schmitt
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Just as the camera is no longer relegated to the elite or industry professionals, Photoshop is no longer considered the tool of graphic designers alone. Whether it is used to scan photographs, paint a landscape, apply effects to text, create Web pages, or alter images, the application enables all users to accomplish one common feat: to produce professional-quality images in virtually any digital format. You may be surprised at how many people outside of the design industry are aware of and have even used Adobe Photoshop. The software application that is the industry standard for manipulating digital imagery is also the most commonly referred to when the topic comes up even among those who don’t use Photoshop every day of their professional lives.

A salesman might say, “The folks in marketing are ‘Photoshopping’ a representation of what the final product will look like.” Or, you might hear the host on The Daily Show say in reference to the story graphic for a news item, “that graphic of President Bush and Putin was badly Photoshopped. I apologize. The artists responsible for this outrage will be flogged.” Or your relative might say “why did you Photoshop my head onto Mt. Rushmore?” Photoshop is a part of our culture as much as Xerox has come to mean photocopy.
However, because of its proliferation amongst such a large user base, Photoshop does different things for different users. And because most of the program’s users employ the program for a specific purpose, what one user knows might not be helpful in solving another user’s problem.

This book, then, is assembled to help all of Photoshop’s diverse users quickly find answers to their specific challenges:

鈥?How do I correct for red eye in my photographs? (Task 112 explains how.)
鈥?How do I convert my document’s color space? (Task 45 details the process.)
鈥?How do I convert my photographs for Web display? (Task 235 shows the way.)

And these are only three questions this book addresses.This book doesn’t try to be an in-depth guide to using Photoshop to achieve a specific goal such as creating Web sites or publication graphics. Rather, this book serves as an indispensable reference, ready to provide you with quick-to-follow, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions to specific challenges culled from over 10 years of professional and instructional experience with Photoshop.

With over 250 common Photoshop challenges explained within 10 simple steps or less, you as the reader will have quick access to your problem’s solution in a matter of minutes or seconds — whether you are scanning photographs for fun, correcting images professionally, or building a Web site for a nonprofit organization.

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